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Elevate your car’s cool factor with the universe’s most epic GIFs!

💥Introducing our revolutionary technology that will make you feel like a superhero.

Experience different effects in different scenarios

GOTUS LED advertisement sign, suitable for different scenes, such as restaurants, bars, cars, hotels, advertisements, birthdays, Christmas, and many other scenes

Specially flexible panel with rich and colorful lights

The LED rectangular advertising screen uses high-quality FPC flexible board, which can be bent and curled. It supports 7 colors and multiple world-wide languages. High brightness, thick font, adjustable brightness, extremely low heat generation, low power consumption, touchable, and safe to use.

What are the characteristics of the remote control version and what functions have been added

1. It can be opened and closed directly
2. It can be timed to power off
3. Adjustment of brightness level
4. Selection of Music Rhythm
5.We have added mirroring and automatic playback operations
6. You can switch the playback of 9 different contents by pressing the numbers on the remote control
7. The mobile app uses a special border for better experience and more convenient use of our products

Intelligent APP control

LED sign is controlled by a Bluetooth-connected app, which supports connecting multiple LED displays at the same time, making your store more eye-catching, the app has built-in many interesting modes and animations. Your phone makes it easier to customize fun patterns and text to personalize your store.

Rich Display Modes

The LED store sign can be scrolled and played, and there are modes such as left, right, up and down snowflakes, laser and static modes. The dynamic mode will be more attractive than the static mode. The font can also be rotated 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees to achieve the effect you want to display, making your The store stands out even more.

How to power and install

The LED panel with USB interface is very thin and light, with an input voltage of DC5V and a current of 2A. It is plug and play. The surface is made of glue and can be bent and folded at will. The panel can be used directly by downloading the app, and children can install and use it independently.

What to do when it rains

Adopting a dripping glue waterproof process, the product is waterproof to IP65, which can be waterproof, moisture-proof, and high-temperature resistant, and will not affect the use function of the product due to adverse weather conditions

How to download a smart app

1.You can scan the QR code below
2.Can be found on”CoolLED1248″ in the APP Store/Google Play

Product Size:17 × 7 cm

What’s in the box

LED display screen * 1
LED controller * 1
Double sided adhesive * 1
User manual * 1
Car charging * 1


Verified Buyer

I thought was another scam on facebook, but this time it was really surprise! I really enjoy the ability to draw my own designs. But the included templates are all very detailed and thought out. This is the perfect size as it is not too large or small. The application that they require you downlaod works for both major mobile phone operating systems.

Will P
Verified Buyer

Purchased 5 times Nice app controlled LED screen. In the app.. some really neat things you can do. For example, you have Text, Patter, Graffiti and Animation options. First the Text option. There are modes that you can have the text appear. In my video I use the button on the cable to flip thru the modes. The modes are: Left (scrolls left), Static (which flashes each section, if the words are longer than the screen), Laser (creates a lazer like effect as it paints the letters), Picture (pans out from center out), Snowflake (builds down from the top), Down (letters drop down), Up (letter flow up) and Right (scrolls in from right to left. Pattern. Has a ton of pre-made patterns of both dynamic and static versions. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc.. are in there. Graffiti is where you can make your own. You have a screen where you can use your finger to draw whatever. With options like fill, etc.. zoom out and in. and make colors - 7 colors. Animation is where you can take your Graffiti and animate it. Also, a Music setting. This is where you give the app access to your music and it creates the bars to play to the music. Was not as impressed as I wanted to be on this. As the bars were not tightly tied to the music. As you can start the music and it takes a few seconds for the bars to react.. then they are reacting a few seconds later. As I thought if this was more in sync, could easily see a DJ use for this to mount on the front of his tabletop. Each of these have to download to the device.. takes around 10 to 15 seconds.. then they play. Also comes with nice and sticky tape. You know this as it's tough to pull out of the plastic bag its in. You can use this to mount this rubber mat with LEDs inside to whatever. You could easily mount this to the inside of your car window, front or back. Another fun use of it would be to hook up the USB A port to a power bank, and you could put someone's name on it at the airport to make that really special welcome instead of the simple

Verified Buyer

Purchased 7 times We used this scrolling LED sign at the STATE Robotics Competition above our PIT table (I made a base out of an old car disc brake and painted it black, then put a long dowel rod down the middle so the sign would be really high), you could see the sign from anywhere in the Stadium clearly (unless you were behind it, unfortunately it is the sign is only on 1 side). In fact, the judges and competition staff used this LED sign as a navigation point to direct people and services to different tables in the pit area! They told me it was very helpful to tell everyone, go 3 tables past and 2 to the right of the Lorena LED sign! We also had our school name repeated over and over... :) At first I thought it might be too small, but it is very bright and did the job, sorry the pictures don't show the scrolling, but the bright scrolling caught everyone's attention! Recommend!

Verified Buyer

This programmable LED sign is easy to use and simple to program. The app is pretty straight forward and has a great deal of pre-made options and animations. It also allows you to create your own which is a little more complicated but still doable after a few tries. The adhesive tape that comes with the sign is super strong and I would only recommend using it as a permanent solution. Otherwise, I recommend using command strips. Although the strips don't hold up to extreme heat, they're still better than the accompanying tape if you need a non-permanent option. Overall, I like this little sign. I plan to use it on a sale table at the market for some of my goods. Hopefully, it works out as well as I plan. I also plan to use it for the pick up line as a more fun solution. I do recommend.

Verified Buyer

As a techie, I automatically love anything that lights up and changes colors... So when this flexible scrolling RGB LED pixel panel sign showed up, I was instantly excited! This thing is GREAT! It paired to my phone once the app was installed, and i could immediately load new text, graphics, and animations to the unit. I love that the sign had built in memory so you don't have to have it paired up to your phone all the time - only to initially load your messages and animations. This product is targeted towards use in a vehicle window, but I'm going to use it in my gaming and live streaming studio at home. It's so cool! I love this product!

Verified Buyer

The brightness was on point and easy to use. Great value for the money.

Verified Buyer

TLDR: works as advertised, great seller Want to give the seller mad props, for one. They are super-concerned that you're satisified with your purchase, and I'm good with that. That being said, I'm quite satisfied. The thing works more or less straight out of the box. Download the app, do the bluetooth thing, and zip-zap-zowie, you're up and running. The tape that comes with it for mounting is sort of so-so, and it might be that my particular installation has something to do with it, so no points off. Your mileage will vary. I attached it to a stiff piece of cardboard, and the whole thing fits nicely in my back window. The USB adapter and cables that come with it are more than adequate to reach from a front-seat power socket to the rear, unless you're driving a bus or something. I also like the inline switch, if you need to go dark quickly. My particular installation, I power it from a USB battery-brick. The app is pretty straightforward and easy to use. There's a bunch of admittedly cute built-in animations, and a mechanism to create your own. I'd like to see some improvments to the app - when building animations, it would be nice to have the option to use the previous 'frame' as the starting point for the next. Also, some cut-and-paste functionaility. But it's a work in progress, so I'll hang out to see what comes down the pipe.

Verified Buyer

Was worried that it would censor what I typed in but no censorship at all love it. Now I can let the drivers behind me know that they are idiots

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