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Instantly create perfect lashes with the LashFan Mascara Fan Brush – the perfect tool for busy mornings!

Get ready to take your look to the next level with the revolutionary Mascara Fan Brush. Our 120° Mascara Fan Brush is specially designed to easily apply mascara from root to tip, giving you long, thick, dramatic lashes. With this brush, you can easily separate lashes, comb and remove clumps, and perfect the look of your lashes for a flawless finish.

Our unique brush handle allows for deep and controlled application, especially along the lower lashes, so you get the perfect lash look every time. Even if you’re a beginner, it’s easy to create clump-free lashes by simply wiggling the brush back and forth. Whether you want a natural or dramatic look, the Mascara Fan Brush is a must-have for longer, fuller lashes with ease. Try it today and experience the difference for yourself!

✅ Perfect, clump-free lashes:
Say goodbye to clumpy lashes with our specially designed brush that removes excess product, leaving your lashes looking flawless and smooth.

✅ lengthened and separated lashes:
The fan-shaped brush is perfect for separating and lengthening each lash, giving you a lengthening and volumising effect that’s sure to stand out.

✅ Easy and Neat:
Our brush is perfect for beginners who want perfect lashes with minimal effort. It’s quick and easy to use so you get the perfect lash look every time.

✅ soft premium bristles:
Our brushes are made with soft, high quality fiber bristles that evenly distribute mascara for a smooth, clump-free look. No more rough bristles to irritate your eyes or cause discomfort.

The Mascara Fan Brush is a great way to get thick and separated lashes. Here are four steps on how to use it effectively:

👉 Step 1: Prepare your lashes and make sure your lashes are clean and dry before using the LashFan® Mascara Fan Brush. Use a gentle make-up remover or cleanser to remove any residual mascara or make-up. For best results, it’s important to start with a clean canvas.

👉 Step 2: To apply mascara, open the mascara tube and remove excess product from the wand by wiping the edge of the tube. This helps prevent clumping and ensures even application. Hold the LashFan® brush vertically with the bristles facing the lashes.

👉 Step 3: Using the Fan Brush, after applying mascara with a regular wand, switch to the LashFan® Mascara Fan Brush for extra separation and definition. Hold the fan brush horizontally with the bristles facing outward.

👉 Step 4: For the final touch, if you want to add volume or length to your lashes, you can repeat Steps 2 and 3 by applying another coat of mascara with the regular wand and then using the LashFan® Mascara Fan Brush for separation. Be sure to let each layer dry slightly before applying the next to prevent smudging or clumping.


Sarah M. Murphy
Verified Buyer

Very soft and light just for the eyelashes. Great tool to brush your eyelashes.

M Jones
Verified Buyer

It’s great

Verified Buyer

This is a great tool. Simply put your mascara on to the bristles of this brush and swipe up or down depending on which lashes you're doing. They come out feathery but still have length without any clumps.

Nuget Raad
Verified Buyer

This is exactly what I needed after my mascara look a lot softer, great purchase

Robyn Schlie
Verified Buyer

Y’all….. I waited to review until I used this… Y’all…. I have many different lengths of lashes because I’m using growth essence & black castor oil (YES IT WORKS!!), so it’s tough to get mascara on them without looking all crazy & clumpy. This brush is a game-changer!! Put mascara on the tips of the brush (from the mascara brush) hold it bent towards your eye & kinda touch the base of your lashes brushing upwards. It may take some time to get used to it but once you do, you’ll be happy!!!

Lori Sisk
Verified Buyer

I loved this fabulous one for the eyelashes

Adicional Adicional
Verified Buyer

just like pictures, , good brush, nice,looks like a great product didn't try this yet bristles are soft.looks like it will work great tried it dry without mascara good brush, nice, Does the job!

Kerry-Ann Mitchell
Verified Buyer

this is so great for under lashes to distribute colour evenly & effortless because of the angle of the brush. fast delivery, thank you.

Karine Houle
Verified Buyer

Good product. Good quality and crisp & firm brush with a sharp white colour stem.. easy to get an even line. ,standish out amongst my other brushes. Works great !,As described,Useful!!!!!!!!

Verified Buyer

this little thing works for me. unexpected and def. kinda cool. 💖

Liz Redmond
Verified Buyer

Great item ever. Never thought to use a brush to put mascara on. Every easy n looks better. It was perfect

EtelCar Gallegos
Verified Buyer

perfect item, just like pictures, Highly recommend, works great love it Will order again. Thanks

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